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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Slight Problems, Otherwise good

The hoodie is amazing. As a Zelda fan I like it. Have been using it for little over a year now and there are only two things I dislike about it. First when I washed it the string on the hood went inside it. Which was easily fixed but still annoying.
The second problem was also happened when washing it. the small metal ring in the hole for the string came off and made the string go inside the hood again.

Other than those issues the hoodie is perfect.

New favorite hoodie, slight zipper issue

My biggest concern is that I'm going to wear it so much that I'll need a new one here in a couple of years. I love it and it is the perfect warmthy level. It won't protect you from the winds of the frozen Zora domain, but it'll do for fall weather and as a perfect base layer in the winter. Nice fit: not too baggy with enough hood space that it doesn't feel uncomfortable to wear the hood with a pair of medium/large-ish headphones as well. Detail is phenomenal and the print quality is super great. I don't expect it to fade anytime soon: the design OR the color. It's SO subtle that I've yet to have a single compliment on it being a Zelda hoodie though...

-Terry cloth lining inside (warm and comfortable)
-Hood size
-Overall quality of print and stitching

-Zipper feels a bit cheap and sometimes catches. Haven't had any reason to fear it breaking though.
-So subtle that no one knows it's Zelda unless I explain it. (noobs)
-Doesn't actually let me breathe under water

PS: Fangamer sent me some free swag too (probably random so don't count on this) and you really get a feel for how legit and artsy these people are. Love them and wish they had more products.

Awesome Hoodie!

I got the Temple Hoodie in Blue and it's such a great jacket to pair with everyday wear! I got it in XS which makes it a great fit for me without it being too tight, but still being very snug. The print on the hoodie is absolutely fantastic for any Zelda fan to appreciate. The crest on the zipper makes a great touch and the thumbholes certainly give the hoodie more character to it! My only disappointment was my zipper doesn't zip up properly. :(

Sorry about that! Please send an email to and we'll get it taken care of!

The medium in green is a good fit for me. It's a bit snug, but I prefer it that way. Perfect for a brisk day or morning. The thumbholes are perfect and keep my hands warm, the eyelet and mini pocket for mp3 devices is great, does good job of keeping said device from falling out. The zipper is boss as heck and the screen-printed designs are on point. I've recommended it to friends who think it is awesome. For those looking for a lightweight hoodie and a way to represent Zelda, this is a great pick.

Became my favorite hoodie instantly.

Comfortable, well built enough for me to wear it nigh constantly for almost a year now and not see any ill effects on it, warmer than my old hoodies to the point it replaced them for that purpose alone. Stylish as heck. Would absolutely buy ten.

Temple Hoodie

by Jon Kay

Sold out!

Note: these jackets run small, so please consider ordering a size larger than normal! Click here to see the sizing chart for more info.

Some people may be comfortable running around chilly temples in nothing but tights and a tunic, but smart adventurers know that there's nothing more versatile than a lightweight hoodie.

  • Custom minted 'shield' zipper pull
  • Device holder and eyelet in front pocket (so you can easily run your headphones up beneath your jacket) (only in XS-2X)
  • Thumbholes! (only in XS-2X)
  • Screen-printed symbols on the chest, back, and sleeve
  • Custom 'golden power' tag sewn to the bottom hem
  • Lightweight terrycloth fabric -- good for fall/spring weather or wearing inside during the winter

The Temple designs are printed on ITC's hallowed PRM90HTZ in both Burgundy Heather and Olive Heather. (3X and up are on a maroon Gildan hooded jacket.) Designed by Jon Kay and printed by the dungeon bosses at Forward Printing in California.

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