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This is perfect, i wear this almost everyday and is still in good condition

My 2nd Terry hat; Best one so far...

A really great quality hat. As the review before me mentioned, the white panel of his hat is pretty much accurate towards his in-game sprite appearance in Fatal Fury Special/ beyond; the white piping of the bill is more so trying to replicate its sprite art rather than the artists renditions of Terry (cover art and other promotional artwork for Fatal Fury 2 / special depict a plain red bill, yet in in-game sprite animations for 2 / special and in some of his later designs his bill is red with white piping.) If the flat bill bothers you, you can always curve the bill yourself by stuffing it in a cup or bending it with your hands ooccasionally. I 100% recommend this for any fan of Fatal Fury; its from SNK for crying out loud! That itself makes it much more better than the rest.

Come on, come on!

This hat come in quick! Ordered it online and two days later it's at my doorstep. Sturdy stitching, and piping. The embroidered logo and white brim look great! Also to the critics, yes. There have been depictions of Bogard with a white brim hat.

Finally, I've seen other versions sold that have depicted the white background face to extend to the crown of the hat. If you look at artist renditions of Terry, he had only shown the white face of the hat as it is depicted in this model.

Great hat!

FATAL FURY - Terry Bogard Hat

by Tony Kuchar


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Hey, c'mon, c'mon! With this hat, you're just one beautiful head of hair away from looking exactly like Terry Bogard.

This fully custom, 7-panel snapback hat was a collaboration between Fangamer and the original FATAL FURY creators at SNK. It features a thick, embroidered logo and white brim piping. 


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