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Time Wing Schematics Poster

by Jon Kay, Camille Young, Sabrina Kay, and Reid Young


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Inspired by the time-traveling machinations of CT's renaissance man, this 4-color, 18” x 24” screenprinted poster isn't some cheap Nintendo Power fold-out to be passive aggressively taped over your sibling's Sonic poster in a display of territorial dominance. No, this is the kind of poster that calls for not one, but two frames: one to replace the old frame next to your yellowed SNES, and one to take back to the summer of 1996 and hang next to your sleek gray one.

Depleted Dreamstone fuel is not included, but the directions for returning to those halcyon days come in style; each poster was screenprinted by the legends at Monolith Printing in California on fancy Quest Ivory paper. Every poster is shipped in a sturdy tube — the next best thing to wormhole delivery.

This poster was designed by a slew of Fangamer fiends: design and layout by Jon Kay, calligraphy by Sabrina Kay, illustration by Camille Young, and copy by Reid Young.