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Customer Reviews

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"I'm the idol everyone craves!"

I was absolutely AMAZED by this figurine, the box, everything really.
The box is just full of detail, all the way from the actual glitter texture on the letters to that window thingy in the front that opens and allows you to see the back of the Mettaton EX drawing on the box, AND DON'T LET ME START ABOUT THE QR CODE! that's some fine stuff!

Now, the figurine is very high quality, and like every Undertale figurine, the amount of detail is also very high.
the figurine bends smoothly with no issues, almost every part of his body is bendable which is great for posing.
also, with that stand that comes with the figurine, i can put Mettaton EX in a certain pose and draw it like a posable figure for drawing, which is also very neat.

To sum it up, if you're an Undertale fan, you got some spare money left, and you like Mettaton (and draw), then this figurine is for you.

"How creative. Arms... most people just think about my legs."

From the box it's transported in to the box it's packaged in, this was a real treat. The back of the box had me in stitches, it's so... Mettaton. I love this figure: the poseability is awesome, but the bendy arms take the cake. I've owned the figure ever since its release and after lots of bending and posing, it shows no signs of stopping. He's even been the star atop my Christmas tree! Everything I buy from Fangamer is a delight, and this figure was no exception. This figure might fill that Mettaton-shaped hole in your Mettaton-shaped heart.


Just received the figure and the quality is amazing!
Really liked the box as well, I think I will keep it.
The figure itself is gorgeous! Very detailed, nothing was wrong with my figure, the joints are good and stiff enough!
Thank you, Fangamer!

absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

he is very handsome! i will be throwing out every single fidget toy i own because NOTHING can compare to the satisfaction of flipping the switch on his back.


Love it!
This is my favorite character in all of Undertale, so this really makes my day! The box art is gorgeous, so I kept it for looks. I’d feel bad throwing it away! I won’t spoil it, but you’ll be surprised when he arrives at you door.
I will say though that I had no idea that his arms were bendy like rubber, and I thought I got a defect one because they didn’t look bendable.
His arms are not ball-jointed, but a rubbery type of material, so you just bend his arms like you would a old Barbie doll’s legs. And the rubber is attached to his shoulder pad things so I wouldn’t recommend bending them right there. It might snap.
Other than the confusion I had, there isn’t anything else that is wrong! There isn’t a single paint mistake, except for where the arm meets the shoulder pad. He looks great on my nightstand next to my MTT Live poster :)


Mettaton EX Posable Figurine

by Fangamer


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Mettaton EX is now available as our tallest, most bendable figurine ever. It's the idol everyone craves! 

  • Who needs legs with fully posable arms like these? 
  • Also has legs! Each one articulates at the ankle, knee, and hip. (Mettaton's head moves, too.) 
  • Switch on the back flips very satisfyingly (but doesn't do anything) 
  • Included stand allows the show to go on after you're done posing 
  • Stands 5.5 inches tall (without the base)

This official UNDERTALE figurine was modeled by Yukanuntiusel with assistance from Gijs van Kooten, with packaging designed by Laura Verdin. 

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