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Soft, warm, and durable. I've been wearing it almost every day for a few months now, and it's still in great condition. Great quality.

SANSational one more time!

Just arrived today! It’s very comfortable and soft, I have to say that I had my doubts regarding the size, I’m size S in women but I like them more baggy so I ask for M or G, I sent an email to Fangamer asking that if they can clarify my doubts, kindly They answered me and kept my package until I decided well, if someone serves the information, I measured my own clothes and compared them with the measurements, so in the end I asked for the S, it suited me very well! even a little big, but it makes it perfect. It was a very good purchase, the details are beautiful, including the little hidden Easter egg. I want to use it all the time and sleep with it, even though Mexico is more like Hotland ^^ ”
Shipping is somewhat expensive, but it was really worth it to me.

The Best Jacket in My Life

I brought the jacket last week and just got it!!! IT IS AMAZING!!! It's soooo comfy and the hood part is sooo fluffy!!! The other comments are actually right!!! This is the jacket you need for the winter!!! It will make you stay warm and make you happy!!!
Thank you very much Toby Fox and Fangamer!!! I love Sans soooooo much!!!

Perfect for winter!

I adore this hoodie! It's soft, warm, and comfortable. High quality, and absolutely everything I could have asked for. My only issue is that the aglet screws got loose, and I lost one of them before I realized it.

Sorry to hear one of your bone aglets went missing! We'll get in touch to provide a replacement.
it's a pretty good hoodie.

super comfy. i've been wearing it ever since it came in the mail.


Sans Hoodie

by Fangamer


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Style: Blue / Unisex XS

SIZE UPDATE: This restock features updated sizes based on customer feedback. Please be sure to check the new product size chart to ensure a proper fit.

Along the way, some fuzzy folk decided they liked the cold and set up camp in Snowdin.

This official UNDERTALE hoodie is a fully custom design—everything from the cord pulls to the fabric liner was made especially for it. The body of the jacket is 100% cotton, and the interior of the hood is sherpa fleece. The things you can do with a college education!

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