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Nice hoodie but very oddly shaped

I really want to like this hoodie, but the fit of it is so unusual that I end up never wearing it, super disappointing. Being a custom made shirt, I was hoping it would have a better fit than some of the other clothes that Fangamer uses for their prints. This hoodie is not long enough, it needs at least a couple more inches in length. Fits fine around the shoulders, but then is way too loose in the stomach area. I'm 5'10" and 170 pounds and got an XL, but this hoodie seems like it was specifically designed for someone who is 5'0" and 200 pounds. Would also recommend not washing or drying the hoodie if at all possible, I've washed (not dried) mine only twice in cold water but since it's 100% cotton the zipper is already starting to get all wavy as the fabric around it shrinks. Maybe ironing it will help keep it flat but haven't tried it yet.

It is very warm and cozy, it's definitely on the heavier side. Would be great for cold days. The bones on the pullstrings are a nice touch, however they weigh them down so they will be swinging all over the place when you walk. I've gotten hit in the eye by one at least once, and have only worn this hoodie 3 times. Comparing the fit to other Fangamer shirts: fits similar to the Deltarune Chapter One t-shirt (as in too short and wide), does not fit similar to the Hollow Knight Pure Vessel t-shirt (good length, more fitted). I really wanted to love this hoodie and I kept it thinking that I could get over the weird fit, but I can't and now I'm out $60 for this awesome looking hoodie that I'll never wear.

High quality and very cozy!

This merch hoodie is frankly better than most brand name hoodies I've bought. It's both stylish and truly warm even in winter without being heavy or cumbersome and is so so soft! I bought XL because I like my hoodies a little oversized and it feels great without looking unflattering/like I'm wearing a tent (a sacrifice I'm usually willing to make, but a nice bonus)!

Best Hoodie I Own!

This was everything I expected based on other customer reviews. It's thick enough to pass for a light-medium jacket. The lining of the hood is extremely soft. It keeps me warmer than any of my other hoodies. 10/10 would buy again.

Not Worth the Hassle, Awful Customer Service

I bought an XL hoodie for my boyfriend for Christmas. Every hoodie he wears is an XL and fits him perfectly, with the exception to this particular one. These do not fit as advertised. I emailed Fangamer on the 25th to exchange for a 2XL. After 4 days, they did not reply; so I sent them a 2nd email and I messaged them on twitter. Finally someone replies to me, but they say I would have to pay $20, which does not make sense to me because shipping on the original order was $12. I asked why is shipping more for an exchange, but they don't give me a clear answer and we go back and fourth for a whole day. I explained the hassle I went through to even get in contact with them, and I explained my confusion and frustration, but they never apologized or seemed to understand how I was feeling. I escalated the situation to Paypal, and I am still dealing with them.

Don't bother with this company, they will not help you out when you need it.

We're sorry for the trouble. The $20 exchange shipping was to cover the shipping of a new hoodie as well as returning the XL. Our returns and exchange policy is stated here:
Great Quality

Ordered this hoodie for myself and it is very soft. I ordered an L and it's pretty big on me. A must buy for any Undertale fan!


Sans Hoodie

by Fangamer


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Style: Blue / Unisex XS

SIZE UPDATE: This restock features updated sizes based on customer feedback. Please be sure to check the new product size chart to ensure a proper fit.

Along the way, some fuzzy folk decided they liked the cold and set up camp in Snowdin.

This official UNDERTALE hoodie is a fully custom design—everything from the cord pulls to the fabric liner was made especially for it. The body of the jacket is 100% cotton, and the interior of the hood is sherpa fleece. The things you can do with a college education!

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