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Wily Inc.

by Meatbun

$23.00 USD - $24.00 USD

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Founded in the year 20XX, Wily Robotics Incorporated manufactures the finest killing machines in the world. Printed on a butter soft cotton-poly blend, this is the best mad scientist tribute tee Zenny can buy.

This entry in the Meatbun Classic Line was printed by the printomatons at Forward Printing in California with a special discharge process which "burns" the ink into the shirts for a sharp, soft, thin print.

The substrate for this is American Apparel's TR-401 Tri-Black (TR-301 for the ladies), a 25% cotton / 25% rayon / 50% polyester shirt which is easily the most comfortable you will ever wear. Sizes 3X-5X are printed on Gildan 2000 charcoal.


Comes with a specialized 1.25" button.