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Wisdom, Courage, Power Tank

by Cory Schmitz

$24.00 USD
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Also available as a t-shirt.

Before printing began, before cotton had been spun into soft jersey, three golden goddesses descended upon the land of video game shirts. Attract Mode, Goddess of Game Art, cultivated a relationship with Cory Schmitz, the Goddess of Design, who poured his wisdom into a graphical depiction of 8-bit lore. Fangamer, Goddess of Nerdchandise, then beseeched the mighty sages at Forward Printing to bless it and uphold the design with a soft discharge print.

Their work completed, the three great goddesses returned to their respective URLs, leaving behind a tank they deemed "Wisdom, Courage, Power". And it was good.

Each tank comes with a slick tag print and a 1" bonus pin, also designed by Cory.

Unisex XS-4X District Made DT5300
Women's XS-4X District Made DM403