Shipping Delay! The Fangamers are all going to PAX, so orders placed after August 25 may not ship until early September. Thanks!


Inspired by awesome games.


Boss Key Chain
Boss Key Chain $14
Jiggy Keychain
Jiggy Keychain $12
Spawn Chain
Spawn Chain $10
Shield Keychain
Shield Keychain $10
Retro8Bit Keychain
Retro8Bit Keychain $10
Courage Badge Keychain
Courage Badge Keychain $10
8-Bitboy Keychain
8-Bitboy Keychain $10
Super16Bit Keychain
Super16Bit Keychain $10
Gate Keychain
Gate Keychain $14
Bit Keychain Trio
Bit Keychain Trio $20
Master of Keys Combo
Master of Keys Combo $20
Small Key Chain
Small Key Chain $10