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Plushes & Figurines


Product List

Amaterasu and Issun Plush
Amaterasu and Issun PlushOkami$32
Blue Badger Plush
Blue Badger PlushAce Attorney$32
Restock planned!
Objection! Pillow Plush
Objection! Pillow PlushAce Attorney$32
Black Frost Plush
Black Frost PlushShin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne$19
Skelly Talking Plush
Skelly Talking PlushHades$9
Utaru Aloy Plush
Utaru Aloy PlushHorizon Forbidden West$32
Huggable Fox Plush
Huggable Fox PlushTUNIC$32
Poniko and Uboa Hiding Plush
Poniko and Uboa Hiding PlushYume Nikki$32
Jevil Talking Plush
Jevil Talking PlushDELTARUNE$32
Mettaton Plush
Mettaton PlushUNDERTALE$32
Sly Cooper 20th Anniversary Plush
Sly Cooper 20th Anniversary Plush$32
Big Squishy Batty Slime Plush
Big Squishy Batty Slime PlushSlime Rancher 2$42
Restock planned!
Cinnasnail Plush
Cinnasnail PlushBugsnax$32
Kweeble Plush
Kweeble PlushBugsnax$32
Mono Plush
Mono PlushLittle Nightmares$15
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Jack Frost Plush
Jack Frost PlushShin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne$29
Clawstrider Plush
Clawstrider PlushHorizon Forbidden West$32
Cornifer Humming Plush
Cornifer Humming PlushHollow Knight$36
Cerberus Plush
Cerberus PlushHades$32
Dusa Talking Plush
Dusa Talking PlushHades$32
Broken Vessel Plush
Broken Vessel PlushHollow Knight$32
Spamton Talking Plush
Spamton Talking PlushDELTARUNE$32
Misako Plush
Misako PlushRiver City Girls$15
Kyoko Plush
Kyoko PlushRiver City Girls$15
Sold out!