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There are two primary ways for you to get in touch with us:

  • for all questions about orders, tracking information, and product details. Please be patient while waiting for a reply. We generally do not read or respond to emails on weekends.
  • for all inquiries about working with us on licensing, marketing, and other projects. Please understand, however, that we get many requests like this, and we can not respond to every one. 



We love videogames! We're a small videogame merchandise company based in—and shipping from—Tucson, Arizona. We got started in 2008 with one goal: To celebrate our favorite games with the kind of merchandise we want to own. 

Today we do that all kinds of ways! In addition to merchandise, we do all kinds of things to interact with our weird-videogame-fan cohort:

  • Conventions are a yearly tradition! You can expect to see us at PAX East in the spring and PAX West in the fall, and we're also frequently at MAGfest and PAX South. We've also held two extremely strange conventions of our own, which were called Camp Fangamer.
  • We love working with charity events.  With a little help from our friends at Desert Bus, The Speed Gamers, and the Starmen.Net community, we've donated thousands of dollars each year to charities like Child's Play, ACT Today!, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, and Speak Your Silence
  • Community is our lifeblood!
    • Game Club is our we-wish-it-was-weekly live stream where we play games, goof off, and chat with our community. This Twitch channel is also where we stream other events, such as our EarthBound Bash.
    • The Fangamer Forum, integrated with the Starmen.Net forums, is where you can meet and chat with the rest of the Fangamer community. 
    • Videos are one of our favorite extracurricular activities.



Fangamer was founded in 2007 by a group of friends who grew up running an EarthBound fan site called Starmen.Net. We started off planning to use Starmen.Net's software as a basis for other fansites, but it turns out the future of Web 1.0 fansites wasn't quite as bright as we'd hoped.

We launched the Fangamer Store in August 2008 with four products (two shirts, a pin set, and a mug). Within hours the orders were flooding in, and it quickly became apparent that there was a huge demand for merchandise inspired by the older SNES-era games we grew up with. We've worked diligently ever since to create merchandise inspired by (and in honor of) our favorite games.

2009 was a busy year of expansion during which we finished/shipped The MOTHER 3 Handbook, brought on our second full-time employee, and moved from a spare bedroom into an office.

In 2010 we brought on our third and fourth full-timers and began working with small, independent gaming companies including 2 Player Productions and Far From Subtle. We also nailed down a booth at PAX East -- the start of a yearly tradition. 

In 2011 worked hard to expand our partnerships with independent game developers and other small gaming companies. We brought on a variety of part-time employees and prepared for our fifth full-timer to show up after Christmas. We crammed our tiny office with far more merchandise than it should have held.

In 2012 we finally moved out of our hole-in-the-wall office space attached to the side of a radiator shop in favor of two attached office units, each bigger than our old office. By the end of the year, we'd added a third. During that time we focused on partnerships with folks like Attract Mode (leading to our joint art show at PAX Prime), Ashley Davis, Kari Fry, SEIBEI, Zac Gorman, and Klei Entertainment.

We also handled fulfillment for several successful Kickstarters for our friends, such as 2-Player Productions' Minecraft: the Story of Mojang, the Double Fine Adventure, and our own Retrowear Kickstarter. We brought four new full-time employees into the fold over the course of the year, bringing our army up to eight.

In 2013 we expanded our office again and brought on two more full-time employees. We created partner stores for fan music master Mustin, the indie game FTL, our friends at Venus Patrol, and CAPY.

In 2014 we continued to expand our list of indie game friends, including Papers, Please, Octodad, and Shovel Knight! We also launched and successfully funded our You Are Now EarthBound Kickstarter project to the tune of $300k, which gave us several major projects to work on over the next couple of years.

In 2015 we nailed down our biggest projects and partnerships to date. We developed, marketed, and ran a record-breaking Kickstarter project for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. We ran a strange and wonderful convention for the first time. And alongside other great indie games like Crypt of the Necrodancer, Axiom Verge, Guacamelee, and Nuclear Throne, we started working with our old friend Toby Fox as he released his own game, UNDERTALE.

In 2016 we launched a huge lineup of Undertale merchandise, which quickly became the broadest and deepest product line in our history. We buckled down and finished our massive You Are Now EarthBound Project and held our second Camp Fangamer, which raised over $14,000 for Speak Your Silence. Finally, we escaped our old office park by purchasing and renovating our own building:

Now it's 2017 and we're working to build partnerships with even more great game devs. We're even finally revising this "About" page! Also, we found a basketball hoop in the trash, and it was a huge boost to our quality of life. 

Fangamer Staff


Reid Young, CEO and resident father. We are all his adopted children. 

Steve Campos, special effects/customer service whiz 

Jon Kay, genius designer, 100% chance of having a Pantone swatch in his pocket. 

Ryan Alyea, internal developer, voted "Most Likely to Have Been an 80s Businessman in a Previous Life."

 Charlie Verdin, partner relations and general manager

Jazzy Benson, videographer, Mario Paint enthusiast.

Heidi Mandelin, Legends of Localization PR. She recently adopted kittens and couldn't be happier.

Laura Verdin, cartoons and customer service. She's probably watching some bad anime right now.

Dan Moore, copy writer, the only one in the company who can talk baseball. 

Brian Jaworski, craftsman, handyman, gentleman. Fangamer's most remote employee~

Jenna Post, Slayer of Packing Slips.
Voted "Most Likely to be on Steam" 

Jack Murphy, 3D modeler, mailroom warrior. Voted "Most Likely to be Mistaken for Reid"

Audrey Waner, crafty designer.
Productivity incarnate. Secret weapon. Layout-slayer.

Michael Ferguson, Full-timer extraordinaire! It's always a party when Michael arrives!

Stephanie Campos, heart of the mailroom. Voted "Most Likely to be Correctly Identified as Being From Wisconsin."

Lindsay Moore, Master of Operations, fluent in Japanese, has an Important Side Job.

Tony Kuchar, Master of Book Layouts. Voted "Most Likely to Wear a Hat to Work."

Clyde Mandelin, Localization Expert, often confused for a vegetable (he's a fruit).

Amanda Johnson, Queen of poop-jokes. Keeps the office full of a variety of swears.

Brian Coia, internal developer, ONE OF US, ONE OF US, ONE OF US

Liz Kelly, Master of Coin, owns twice as many corgis as anyone else in the company.

Noah Lane, Director of Licensing, owner of endless shelves of unique antiques. Sad Mets fan. 

Erika Sielski, Photography Sorceress, expert toy namer and owner. EXO informant. 

Heaven Chai, part-time shirt folder, full-time connoisseur of the obscure, funny, and weird.

Chris Warriner, has an absurd collection of video game merchandise, owner of the best chuckle.

Nina Matsumoto, space coyote, absurdly prolific designer and artist. 

Everdraed, Video FX beast from the underground, proud parent of Taina: Horse enthusiast. 

The Twins, ???, haven't showed up for work in, like, two years. (UPDATE: Suddenly started showing up for work again!)

Danny Walsh, Fastest mailroom fetcher in the west, will put you in a headlock or some other wrestling move. 

Yesica Furrow, Rilakkuma fanatic, owner of office remote worker Lily the golden retriever.

Seraiah Roters, Master of shirt-folding and talking on the phone at the same time. Easily scared. 

Ruby, the Wonder Dog, one of three potential dogs who may inhabit the office at any given point. Ensures that every stranger gets barked at. Is not allowed to play with laser pointers anymore since The Incident.

Tuppence, the Worry Dog, one of three potential dogs who may inhabit the office at any point. Resigned to her existence. Ensures that every stranger gets growled at. 

Pizza, the Young Dog, one of three potential dogs who may inhabit the office at any point. Ensures that every stranger goes "Awww".