Peeling and assembling your wooden standee and lapel pin

  1. Collect pieces. Remove pieces from their folders. 0:08
  2. Lay the pieces out. Identify the base and 5 upright pieces. 0:15
  3. Carefully begin peeling blank side of base. Start with the blank back side of the base. Carefully peel the edge of the paper with your fingernail. 0:26
  4. Continue peeling the blank base. Once the peel is started, slowly roll the paper back with the pads of your fingers. Avoid picking at the standee piece with your fingernail. Slowly pull away large rolled up pieces with your index finger and thumb. If the paper rips, do not start the peel again with your fingernail. Instead, continue to roll the paper back with the pads of your finger. 0:38
  5. Peel the blank sides of the upright pieces. Peel the blank backs off of the remaining upright pieces before peeling the art side. Always start to peel the paper from the peg portion of the upright pieces. Remember, do not pick at tears with your fingernails. 1:06
  6. Peel the art side of the base. Start from the rear facing area, by the 3 equidistant slots and large inward curve. 1:35
  7. Peel the art sides of the upright pieces. Peel carefully, and remember to start peeling from the pegs. 2:02
  8. Assemble. Line up the upright pegs with the slots in the base. They should slide in without being overly tight, but may require slight downward pressure. The uprights should have some lateral movement. 2:23
  9. Peel the pin. Now that you've had ample peeling practice, it should be rather easy to peel the protective paper off the wooden lapel pin! Treat the pin much like the artwork sides of the standee. Since there is no peg to start from, be extra careful when using your fingernail to start the peel. 2:46

Care Instructions: Wood is a natural material and thus can be damaged if it is not displayed or stored in normal indoor conditions. Exposure to moisture or large changes in temperature will damage the wooden standee and wooden pin over time. Repeated disassembly and assembly may also damage the artwork layers of the standee pieces.