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Before you is a house. A large house. A house of creaky floors. A house of long corridors. A house of dust caked carpets and candle smoke stains, stretching along the walls like grimy fingers. A house that no living thing should ever enter. Yet here you are. 

Are you brave enough? Welcome to… MANSION.

MANSION is filled with interviews, essays, and the histories behind classic games, along with art and galleries from, and in inspired by, all the games that go bump in the night. 

A collaboration between Fangamer and Lost in Cult, THE HORROR examines the foundational hits, cult classics, indie nightmares and obscure curiosities of gaming. The first volume in the series is MANSION, all about creepy castles, unkind estates, and cursed digital architecture. Will you enter?

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Image of Bump in the Night
1,500 Books sold

Bump in the Night

Like magic, our pages will be cast into darkness. MANSION will feature black paper edges as well as debossed elements on the cover.

Image of Nightmares Unleashed
2,000 Books sold

Nightmares Unleashed

Some nightmares can’t be contained to a page. Additional interior gatefold art will be unleashed at this tier.

Image of Readers Beware
2,500 Books sold

Readers Beware

We crank up the fear factor with 38 terrifying bonus pages.

Image of Alone in the Dark
3,000 Books sold

Alone in the Dark

Turn off the lights, if you dare. At this tier MANSION will feature glow-in-the-dark ink on the cover!

200 pages of words and art

MANSION is peopled with writers and artists including Siren Head creator Trevor Henderson, Citizen Sleeper creator Gareth Damian Martin, Plastiboo, ThorHighHeels, Jenn Frank, Pippin Barr, and many more.

Insight into dozens of games

Including MANSION-adjacent horror classics like Resident Evil, Mystery House, Alone in the Dark, The 7th Guest, Clock Tower, Anatomy, Rule of Rose, House of the Dead, and Sweet Home.

Features from indie game developers

MANSION also profiles recent independent horror games—including Fear and Hunger, World of Horror, Faith, Iron Lung, and Alisa—as well as their creators.