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MOTHER 3 Handbook

by Fangamer

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Style: Softcover / No PDF / No Courage Badge

The Handbook is back! Here's what's new in Version 2:

  • Hardback option
    • Synthetic cloth case-binding
    • Debossed and printed with silver foil
    • Black satin bookmark w/ matching headbands
  • 28-page Enemy Guide
    • Front and (all-new) back illustrations
    • Levels, stats, drops, & special info
    • Easy-reference weakness chart
  • Dozens of new clay figurine illustrations
  • Updated Poster Jacket design
  • Dozens of small design/content tweaks

Our first book (well, second if you count the Anthology), the Handbook is easily the most labor-intensive project we’ve ever tackled: a 272-page English language player’s guide to the world of MOTHER 3.

  • Three delivery options:
    • New synthetic cloth-bound hardback
    • Perfect-bound paperback
    • High-resolution digital PDF
  • 270 glossy, full-color pages
  • Thousands of maps, diagrams, and illustrations
  • 32-page reference filled with enemy, item, PSI, food, and strategy information
  • Dust jacket which doubles as a tall poster

Packed with Jon Kay’s incredible design/layout talent, each of the book’s 8 chapters is designed in a unique style, accented with boss/MC clay models sculpted by Camille Young (Meeellla), NPC and enemy illustrations by Emilio Orsi (emilio) and Marty Elmer (Omnitarian), and item illustrations by Sebastian Hardy (Sebastian).

On top of all that is a team of writers and editors who scoured every corner of the game and converted their knowledge into a helpful, thorough, and enjoyable handbook which will guide you through the world of MOTHER 3 instead of simply spitting out to-do lists.

More information and a free online version at!