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New and Featured Collection at Fangamer.com

The Horror: Mansion available for Preorders at Fangamer.com

Introducing the first volume of a new horror anthology series on the foundational hits, cult classics, indie nightmares, and obscure curiosities of gaming past and present! A collaboration between Fangamer and Lost in Cult, THE HORROR: Mansion puts artists and writers from across gaming culture to work cataloging gaming's creepy castles, unkind estates, and cursed digital architecture.

During this preorder period, it even ships free within the US, the UK, and Europe. So follow this ominous, deserted URL now, without a second thought! It's hiding nothing except additional art and information about what's inside MANSION.

New River City Girls book available at Fangamer.com

300 pages of concept art, early sketches, storyboards, game assets, and more are wrapped up in The Art of River City Girls. I think I even caught our original turnaround art for our Misako and Kyoko plush in there... River City Girls, River City Girls 2, and even River City Girls Zero are represented here, and all of it's collected in a yearbook-style hardcover with a special transparent slipcase.

New Metal Gear Solid merch available for Preorders at Fangamer.com

Just in time for the launch of Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1, we're excited to unveil a beautiful new collection of MGS I-III shirts by Ian Wilding! They're available to preorder now, along with the What A Grill! apron and the Fulton Dangling Sheep pin—no franchise has allowed us to have more fun with pin design than Metal Gear Solid.

New Silent Hill merch available at Fangamer.com

Today we're launching two new Silent Hill 3 shirts by Nina Matsumoto that celebrate the eminently quotable Heather Mason. Choose your favorite, or pick up both and have your own Princess Heart transformation squared away. There's lots more in our Silent Hill collection too, including the Red Pyramid Thing plush and The Order pullover hoodie.

New Homestar Runner merch available at Fangamer.com

Don't let Perducci see you sweat... the Strong Bad Talking Plush is finally back in stock, and we're launching a brand-new accessory to celebrate! Dangeresque's Cool Cool Glasses are a great fit for Strong Bad, but their latex band means they'll fit on lots of our other plushes too. (Visit the product page to see them on Sans, Krobus, and lots more potential action stars.)

Event at Fangamer.com

STRAY + SACR Donation event at Fangamer.com

We've got some exciting announcements to make now that our Cat and B-12 plush set is on the way! First up—in partnership with Annapurna, we're donating 25% of plush sales from the first run to Southern Arizona Cat Rescue, a nonprofit, foster-home-based rescue here in Tucson, Arizona. Second—if you're also here in Tucson, Arizona, you should come by for our Stray + SACR donation event on December 9!

Meet cute cats and kittens and donate cat food and supplies to SACR while you browse our pop-up holiday shop! It's an extremely pre-apocalyptic cat-based adventure, and we can't wait to see you there.

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