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Your Friends At Fangamer

Get to know your friends at Fangamer, the video game merchandising company! Learn about our daily lives, and ask us existential questions!

Latest Episode

YFAF Episode 5: Everdraed and Alex and Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

Jul 24, 2019

Charlie is joined by fellow generalist and dungeon master Alex, as well as video FX wizard and Omega Flowey designer Everdraed! In this episode, our guests gush about indie RPGs and discuss superpowered shoplifters.

Participate in future episodes by sending questions, requests, and dramatic readings to!

More Episodes

YFAF Fangamer News Only: Breath of Fire, Undertale Piano Scores, and More
Jul 17, 2019

Charlie was sick this week and decided not to spread his disease. Luckily, viruses don't spread through digital audio! So, here's a sho...

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YFAF Episode 4: Laura and Jenna and Actual Audience Questions
Jul 10, 2019

Charlie managed to drag Laura and Jenna away from their work briefly to discuss plush toys, water conservation, and our smash mains. Sl...

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YFAF Episode 3: Danny and Jack and the Target Auction
Jul 03, 2019

Charlie, Danny, and Jack recorded this episode while most of the office was out at a recently-closed Target, checking out the fixtures ...

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YFAF Episode 2: Dan and Yesica (And Also a Dog Medium)
Jun 26, 2019

In this episode, Charlie is joined by Dan and Yesica, who recount their histories and current roles at Fangamer. We also review current...

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YFAF Episode 1: Hello We Are Friends Now
Jun 19, 2019

Your Friends at Fangamer introduce our new podcast! Reid and Jack join our host, Charlie, in trying to remember everything that happene...

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