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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
almost as good as the first pack!

These are some HIGH QUALITY PINS! I often take them off my jack just too look at them. I love them but... alphys came with a LARGE indentation on the enamel of her cheek . It's a minor issue but the pins are relatively small so that lins takes up quite a bit of the face. it also has another but but tiny on the top part of it right above the eyebrows. this isn't to much of a problem since i don't care for alphus that much but its still a mistake nonetheless i'm just glad it wasn't papyrus or undyne! Fangamer is the BEST WEBSITE EVER!

Really nice pins!

I got this set because I wanted to own something of Undyne and her figure is sold out. I wish she had an official plush!
Unfortunately, my Papyrus pin has a pretty distracting little black spot by his mouth that's not wiping away.. Thus the 4 stars. Other than that, they all look great! Love the Undyne!

Great pins, with a minor issue

The day I noticed a new undertale pin set was for sale, I wanted to grab one. The designs are adorable!
The only issue i had was the mettaton pin I got was a little off (eyeshadow and faceplate wasn't colored). Other than that, these go perfectly well on my work bag.


Character Pins Set 2

by Nina Matsumoto


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Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, and Mettaton EX. 

These official UNDERTALE hard enamel pins were designed by Nina Matsumoto. Looking for The Human, Toriel, Sans, and Flowey? Check out Set 1

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