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I love it so much, just came in today and it's the comfiest shirt I've ever owned! I do wish there was a Chara version though, but it's amazing and the quality is great, I reccomend getting it, I thought is was a bit girly looking at first, so I was a bit hesitant to order it, but it's not nearly as girly as I thought in person, it's just amazing.!

Very good quality

Had it for over 2 years now and still in great condition, even after many washes.

A good fit, and the sleeves are just the right length - normally an issue for me as I'm quite tall.

Pretty good shirt

Pretty good shirt. It is. really comfortable.

Using this shirt fills me with determination

The moment I touched it I knew it was going to be my favorite shirt of all. So cozy and it smells amazing when new.
I also loved all the extra little details so so much. I feel loved. Thanks a lot. <3
The only bad thing was the amount that I had to pay for the shipping, but I'm not from the US either, so, I understand.
10/10 Will use it on Christmas and probably New Year's Eve.

*Knowing you own this shirt fills you with determination*

I actually got this a while back around halloween, but didnt think of leaving a review until now .w.” But this shirt is amazing quality, and will 100% leave you filled with determination!! I love it so much, and its now a part of my daily wardrobe! It was pretty hard to convince my parents to get it at first, but then they loved it as well when it came! Dont hesitate to buy it, I guarantee you will love it!!


Human Shirt

by Undertale


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Long ago, two races ruled over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS.

This custom-manufactured long-sleeved shirt is sourced from the same production facility that made Shirtness, with even more custom touches. It's made from 100% Turkish cotton and wool-dyed to match the shirt in UNDERTALE

These shirts are custom-made, and fit a little smaller than most of our other shirts. If you're not sure about the size you need, take a look at our Unisex size chart and women's size charts.

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