Legends of Localization: Passport to UNDERTALE

Legends of Localization: Passport to UNDERTALE

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Did playing UNDERTALE fill you with ketsui (Japanese for "Determination"), kesshin (Japanese for "Determination"), yaruki (Japanese for "Determination"), or ishi (Japanese for "Determination")? If you're not sure, but you'd like to find out, you're holding the right book—even if you've never read a word of Japanese. 

For the third book in the Legends of Localization series, Clyde "Tomato" Mandelin dives into the Japanese localization of one of the most beloved indie games of the last 10 years, with total access to Toby Fox and the localization team. Each page is filled with historical detail, surprising language contrasts, and screenshots of the spreadsheets, notes, and sketches that made the localization possible. 

  • 272 full-color pages
  • Hardcover with foil imprint and debossing
  • 'Obi'-style jacket 

You'll be able to watch from behind the scenes as the translation takes shape, from the toughest overarching script decisions to the smallest references and programming details. You'll learn how the creator, the localizer, and the audience all contribute to a great localization. And if everything breaks right, you'll come out of it with more ketsui than you had going in. 

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