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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
So coooool !

Those posters are really great, and fit perfectly in my rooms !
Thx again Fangamer !

Why buy separate posters?

When I bought this set of posters I only did so because they were so cheap, essentially $5. Like the guy who made the other review if I had bought these ones separately they would have came out to $44, which is a pretty good turnout. Even better is that all three of them were pretty good posters, so yeah. If you want some posters just take a chance and buy the grab bag. You won't regret it, unless you do.

A Random Poster Pile

The item description couldn't be more accurate. You get three random posters for a lovely 15 bucks, which can help you save some cash. The three posters I received would have cost me $44 to buy. While it can be a great deal, be warned that you will not know what you'll be getting. So I hope you will accept what you get and give the posters a good home. Because abandoning them is just wrong. :(

Mystery Poster Pack!


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Wish List

Get three random posters from Fangamer. What will you get? Who knows! We occasionally 'restock' the mystery stack with posters from our selection.

Mystery Posters cannot be returned or exchanged, and we don't take requests! But feel free to tell us in the comments which Fangamer posters you already own.