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Worth the $24!

He just came today, the shipping was faster than I thought. He is DEFINITELY worth the $24! He’s made of a very soft material, he had magnets in his hands, his legs rotate 360 so he can sit easily, and he has a metal wire in his tail so you can pose the tail! (Wire does not disrupt the cuddlyness) I totally recommend for Ori fans!

Best little buddy

Shes sooooo adorable! Ori is my favorite game!the only con is the legs look a bit weird and loose. She’s super cute though, just make sure you watch her time to time or she’ll try and get into the cookies.

Best Plush

I ordered this plush before my finals, as I thought it would arrive after and would be a little something to look forward to. However, I got Ori a couple days before the exams started, and thank gosh for that! This plushie in particular is so comforting and cute. Helped me chug through studying and all the stress. The hands have magnets, and the legs move, which is really fun to fiddle with. The tail can bend, too, as it has wire. What also rocks is the size--he can be transported really well and he isn't cumbersome to hold. Little dude even has the sand/bean type stuffing that beanie babies have towards his core and the rest is soft fluff. Perfect mixture. This game means a lot to me, and the plushie has been a major relief and comfort. My cat digs it too, lol. Kudos to Fangamer for having this product, I love the lil guy :,) I'd highly recommend.

I love ori !!😊❤

Arrived way faster than i expected is so soft and cute i love the hand magnets

Super cute soft plushie!

I ordered my Ori plushie a week or two ago and I got it yesterday and I already love it! The Ori plush has all the qualities a plush should have. It's cute, soft, and adorable! Fun facts: the arms have magnets in them so they can slightly hold onto things and the legs can rotate a full 360 to help with positioning. I have all my favorite plushies near me so I put Ori on my desk lamp (haha get it?) and it's able to hold on perfectly.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori Plush

by Eyes5


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When the forest was blind, still hope showed its face. 

This official Ori and the Will of the Wisps plush, designed by Eyes5, measures about 7 inches tall when seated. 

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