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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
These guys are the coolest !!

I'm a new fan to the series and i've been waiting for these dudes to get restocked since december. They are sooo adorable !!! My only complaint is their tags are huge and sort of get in the way while displaying them but it's not really a big deal haha. They also look 100x better in person, i'd totally recommend these to anyone who likes plushies. Thanks guys <3

Completely satisfied

Amazing quality, speedy delivery even when it said it could take a while, the plushies look AMAZING and they're an incredible addition to any video game collection! I would recommend it if you're wondering about getting it. I even got a free sticker

Amazing product, excellent service

Perfect and Banjo Kazooie plush for all the collectors out there, on-point quality and details, soft material.

Kudos to all the Fangamer staff for this amazing product and your superb customer service, my first order got lost in the mail but thankfully Fangamer replaced it quickly and efficiently. These guys traveled a long way and I couldn't be happier with them. Thank you Fangamer.

Best official one out there

I received them both way back when in January, but they have withstood the test of time since then. If any of Banjo's joints aren't stiff enough from prolonged sitting, the stuffing can be squeezed around to rectify that. Kazooie on the other hand is still as posable like new, even if she is stuffed to fit in Banjo's backpack over a long period.

I wasn't one of the original fans and have only been immersed in the series following their inclusion in Smash, but I'm very keen on collecting merchandise of the characters I pick up and use extensively in the game. This plush set does them the most justice for me of anything officially licensed and commercially affordable.

This plush is great and all

When I got this plush I was so excited to have a Banjo plush (because the other ones are very expensive) but when I got in three days one of Banjo’s threads on his paw fell of, and a few days later one side of his belt buckle was falling of so I had to put a pin to keep it up. Also Kazzoie’s wings can break easily so be careful. But anyway I suggest you buy it if you want a Banjo and Kazooie plush on a budget!

Banjo-Kazooie Plush Set



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This official Banjo-Kazooie plush set was designed by artist Versiris, and features Banjo with his signature Rare backpack, perfect for holding his Breegull pal Kazooie! Kazooie comes with posable wings to show all her flight-or-fight poses!

Banjo & Kazooie stand at 9" and 6" inches tall respectively.

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