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This is very epic

Please make a mother one earthbound beginnings guide that would be very epic


Okay, let's say some good things first. The design of the book is very well done and feel just like an old 90's guide, the maps are really cool, the boss and enemy cards are well done, it comes with a poster and a scratch and sniff card, and overall just really nice to look at. Alright, now here is the complaint zone. you can't really play the game alongside the book. One of the things that made the MOTHER 3 book so good was that it was like a storybook of the game's events. Stuff like the Monkey Caves were before Fourside, and Moonside is after the Monkey Caves. stuff like that made it frustrating and I eventually just dropped the book for that playthrough. Another thing is that some pages got wordy without really being entertaining, mostly the newspaper parts. Some parts are well written and intriguing, (the talk man 9x parts) but those end abruptly as a joke. I will say that the mock advertisements are neat, but since any real reading gets boring and uninteresting, it mostly just makes it a book with pretty pictures and a guise of words. Some really, really pretty pictures, but I was just hoping for a bit more. Thanks for reading.


A fantastic Xmas gift and a wonderful homage to a great game. High quality and a real pleasure to read through. I am playing through the game once more so that I can begin my journey with this book by my side.

Beautiful Book!

This book is a great service to Earthbound. I started playing since I was in diapers, so it really hit close to home with me.

First off, I love the art done for each of the in game locations and enemies themselves. It's easy to tell that the work put into this was done by those dedicated to the game and it seems to have paid off well. It also has some great humor as well, but I'm not going to spoil what it is.

Thanks for the great book!

Still Bound to the Earth!

I've been an Earthbound fan for a few years now and saw this a while back and decided to check it out. And let me just say that I was not disappointed with the content that came with this package, thrilled I must say actually. I highly recommend this book to any newcomers or long time fans of this game/series.

EarthBound Handbook

$8.00 - $32.00

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This unofficial EarthBound Handbook is a hardcover guide to the world of Shigesato Itoi's classic game, presented as a travel guide made for tourists in the year 199X. It's the product of two years of writing and design. 

  • 270 full-color pages take you from Eagleland through Foggyland and Chommo, all the way to—well, the end. 
  • Special "Odoreality" card included with each book allows you to see and smell all the sights along the way. 
  • Travel Eagleland dust jacket opens up to reveal a scrapbook poster, while the foil-stamped cover was designed to match the MOTHER 3 Handbook

Designed by Audrey Waner and written by Dan Moore, the Handbook is a guide for players who want to know everything they can about the strange world of EB from the inside out. Each chapter is presented in its own unique style, along with renders from Christopher Behr, "sanctuary" dioramas by Camille Young, photo enhancements by Everdraed, and enemy "trading card" art from a team of talented artists. 

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