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Decent, but not great quality

Nice crisp print, however they didn't hit the white twice and it shows. For people unfamiliar with shirt printing: White is not terribly opaque and printers often print white once, use a flash (rapid ink curing), then print white again to obtain solid opacity. If it isn't done this way the white will look thin and a slight amount of the garment color will show through. The same is true for the orange outline of the logo on the blue version of this shirt, which is the one I purchased. In my experience orange ink isn't usually as problematic as white, but perhaps they're using cheap inks. The bottom line is that the delivered product doesn't look like it does in the photos. :/

I have a couple of hoodies from Independent Trading Company. I really like the quality of their work and the fabric. Wouldn't say Port & Company quality is quite as nice, but certainly acceptable.

The zipper pull is metal and doesn't look or feel cheap/flimsy, so I appreciate that.

This hoodie is printed in plastisol ink. Most of our designs use water-based inks for a softer feel to the touch, but this print and garment weren't a good match for water-based inks. Our designs which use plastisol ink typically use a single hit for a lighter feel to the touch and a print less prone to cracking or peeling.


Lander Crew Hoodie

by Jon Kay


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Astroneer Solar Discovery Combo

Pack carefully—it gets cold on... well, some of these planets. 

This official Astroneer hoodie was designed by Jon Kay. It's available in orange and blue variants, and each one features a custom zipper pull. (Blue hoodies are Port & Company PC850ZH poly-cotton hoodies. Orange hoodies are Independent Trading Co.'s PRM90HTZ [XS-2X] and PC850ZH [3X-4X].)

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