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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great sound, some skipping

Great quality overall, but had an issue with skipping during every other Gruntilda's Lair themes. I wasn't sure if it was because it was dirty or not, but it kept skipping during the same parts for each playthrough of the songs.


I missed the previous vinyl release - the limited run one with the realistic photo of BK on the cover. After realising that the resale value of these were unreal i gave up hope owning this music on Vinyl. After seeing this pop up via Grant Kirkhope's social media i knew i had to grab it.

The presentation is so fresh and beautiful - a real work of love from the art to the sleeves. The music is true to the game - even some of the shorter ditty's have found a place on this play list.

Listening to the music in order takes you from the intro log all the way to the end credits and to every level in-between. What a lovely, timeless piece of nostalgia done incredible justice in this package. Couldn't recommend enough and i'm hopeful that when Grant Kirkhope finishes his remixes of the BK tracks - they find there way onto a similar product.


Classic Soundtrack Nostalgia

Well... this is probably one of my favorite pieces in my record collection! A good selection of tracks across four records and I didn't have any issues with sound quality. The artwork is fantastic! Reminds me of those "Little Golden Books". The packaging is gorgeous and sturdy. Overall a very good vinyl box set.

Banjo-Kazooie Vinyl Soundtrack

by Fangamer

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The Rareware classic returns on vinyl.

Fangamer and Rare have worked together to bring you the Banjo-Kazooie soundtrack in a stunning vinyl package.

  • 41 tracks curated by Rare and composer Grant Kirkhope.
  • Original art by Andrew Kolb
  • Four separate vinyl collected in one sturdy slipcase
  • Double-sided insert with liner notes from Grant Kirkhope

Each Banjo-Kazooie vinyl purchase includes an instant digital download of the complete soundtrack in your choice of MP3, WAV, or FLAC. That's over 6 hours of music, and 164 total tracks!

Record 1 - Side A Record 1 - Side B
1. Rare Logo
2. Main Title
3. Game Selection 3
4. Overture
5. Spiral Mountain
6. Spiral Mountain - Bridge to Gruntilda's Lair
7. Grunty's Beauty Steal Machine
8. Gruntilda's Lair
9. Gruntilda's Lair - Mumbo's Mountain
10. Mumbo's Mountain
11. Mumbo's Hut
12. Mumbo's Mountain - Inside Ticker's Tower
13. Brentilda's Theme
Record 2 - Side A Record 2 - Side B
1. Gruntilda's Lair - Treasure Trove Cove
2. Treasure Trove Cove
3. Treasure Trove Cove - Nipper Battle
4. Gruntilda's Lair - Clanker's Cavern
5. Wading Boots
6. Turbo Trainers
7. Clanker's Cavern
8. Clanker's Cavern - Inside Clanker
9. Gruntilda's Lair - Bubblegloop Swamp
10. Bubblegloop Swamp
Record 3 - Side A Record 3 - Side B
1. Gruntilda's Lair - Freezeezy Peak
2. Freezeezy Peak
3. Gruntilda's Lair - Gobi's Valley
4. Gobi's Valley
5. Gruntilda's Lair - Mad Monster Mansion
6. Mad Monster Mansion
7. Gruntilda's Lair - Rusty Bucket Bay
8. Rusty Bucket Bay
Record 4 - Side A Record 4 - Side B
1. Gruntilda's Lair - Click Clock Wood
2. Click Clock Wood - Spring
3. Grunty's Furnace Fun
4. Tooty's Theme
5. Mumbo's Barbeque
6. Top of the Lair
7. Final Battle
8. End Credits
9. On Vacation
10. The End

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