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Scarf warms you in more ways than you think!

So I did order this scarf on 10th of may using the cheapest delivery. They said I have to expect it in 2-6 weeks, but I've received it even sooner! What is more, it was 22th of may - the day when Runner 3 came out. Such a great coincidence for a fan of bit.trip serie!

The scarf itself great! Made of acrylic it is as bright as on the picture you see. I wouldn't use this scarf on regular purpose, as it feels a bit delicate. It its still perfect as accessory though. Personally, I hanged it onto the wall. No regrets.

Oh, the last thing. Those guys from fangamer are that cool that they even added some extra stuff to my order, which is a badge, a chip and a pic. I never asked for this! Thanks!


by Fangamer

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Finally—you can look as fashionable, and fast-moving, as Commander Video. 

This official, fully custom BIT.TRIP RUNNER scarf was designed by Audrey Waner and Jon Kay. Additional production help from Adil Mohyuddin. It measures six feet (1.83 m) long, on account of how fast you're moving. 

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