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May This Shirt Find You In The Waking World - Fantastic!

Ordered this shirt as an early holiday gift for my partner and they absolutely loved it.
Both of us our huge fans of the Soulsborne games, but Bloodborne is our shared favorite and we were beyond stoked to see that official merch would finally be coming out for it.
The size fit perfectly, and the designs are simple, but still give that archaic vibe that is associated with the setting and lore of Bloodborne that's very tasteful and easy to recognize. Plus, having all the runes printed on the sleeves with the most iconic on the front side is like, the best way I think anyone could have implemented the idea of having a Caryll Rune themed piece of clothing.
Will hopefully be ordering one for myself soon!
Looking forward to more merch from this game, especially so.


Caryll Runes Long-Sleeved Shirt

by Tony Kuchar


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Screenprinted on the Memory Altar. 

This 100% cotton official Bloodborne long-sleeved shirt was designed by Tony Kuchar with three print locations and a sewn Bloodborne logo tag. Each one comes with a bonus button.

Unisex XS-2X Canvas 3501
Unisex 3X-4X
Port & Company 61LS
©2019/Bloodborne™ SIE LLC. Licensed for manufacture from Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC.

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