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They look cool and you can write on them okay, but the adhesive sucks. Soon after you use one, the sticky part along the top of the note curls up. This first happens to the four corners on top, and before long, the note will not stick to anything. Even if you affix it to a surface with a single piece of tape or magnet at the top, the note will curl upward along the adhesive, leaving it upside down and backwards unless you taped down the bottom too.
2-stars instead of 1 because the product quality and effectiveness would be fine even if they ditched the adhesive entirely (since you need tape, pins, or magnets anyway if you want them to stick to something for longer than a few minutes). Unfortunately, the curling makes these things near useless and not worth the $8.

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by Jon Kay


This item is only available as a free bonus with Console Pouch.

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Need to stand out in a sea of yellow stickies? Make the medium part of the message and give your handwritten l33tspeak reminders a little oomph.

  • Post-It note brand stickies!
  • Custom printed and die cut
  • 3 different colors
  • 150 notes total (3 pads per pack, 50 notes per pad)
  • Contacts never need cleaning!