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Beautiful tracks!

I absolutely love this OST and having a physical copy of it is nice for a person who drives an older car with a CD player. The sleeves act like vinyl sleeves, you have to store the CD inwards. But, I see the flaws in the packaging like others do. It's not perfect but it's still a treat to enjoy this album regardless.

Amazing tracks, awful packaging

Basically what other reviews say, the sleeves are extremely annoying, impractical and the CD can easily slip out of them if you're not very careful. Plus they feel rather cheap. But the tracks themselves are truly something to admire (then again, if you're here you probably know that already)

Chill with Celeste

I finally received it! Staff was really nice and answered my questions during the pandemic, so thanks again!
The box is so pretty and the ost is awesome. My only criticism would be about the sleeves for the CDs, it’s not very practical.

Agree with other Reviews

Honestly I've had the same experience with everyone else. The CDs, case and little booket are all of great quality and look perfect. I don't like the case's functionality at all though. Trying to remove the sleeves and retrieving the CDs from inside the sleeves is such a pain. The lack of B sides songs is also pretty disappointing as well, as they were some of the best songs from the game. Other than these two points (which may be deal-breakers for others), it's still a great product that I use frequently.

Great but honestly, could have be en better

I'm very happy to have this box in my collection. But, I feel like it's cheap at some point, or just made fast to sell fast. I mean, at first it was impossible to remove the CDs, they were insanely tight in the box, almost broke the box.. Then the CDs are just inserted in a loose cardboard sleeve where it's easy to drop the CD if you're not careful enough. There is no B-Sides. That's all for the bad news. Otherwise, the box is really beautiful, the booklet that comes with it looks great and is a great addition to this collector :) And as a great Celeste fan, I'm very happy to have this piece of collection at home :) So.. -2 stars for the tight box, the cheap cardboard sleeves and the lack of B-sides music.

Celeste Original Soundtrack 3-CD Set

by Ship to Shore Media


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Nearly two years after bringing Lena Raine's acclaimed soundtrack to indie-game darling Celeste to vinyl, Ship to Shore PhonoCo. presents this deluxe, three-disc CD set that emcompasses the entire Celeste oeuvre. Discs 1 and 2 cover the entirety of the original Celeste, with Disc 3 containing not only the soundtrack to the Chapter 9 DLC Farewell, but also a selection of miscellaneous tracks. Some of these bonus tracks have never been released on a physical format before!

The package contains new artwork from Drew Wise and a 20-page booklet with new reflections from Lena Raine and artwork from the game.

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