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Explore Celeste Hoodie

by Jon Kay


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Style: Unisex XS / Navy

Celeste Mountain is a strange place. You might see things. 

This official Celeste hoodie was designed by Jon Kay. It features three print locations, a sewn tag at the waistline, and a custom minted zipper pull.

Unisex XS-2X
Unisex 3X-6X

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great feel, great design.

For my first ever order from an online clothes retail, the quality on the hoodie is superior compared to all my other hoodies. The feel and aesthetic of the hoodie is great, and looks like it's something from the game itself. The thumb holes go slightly tight over the thumb, but is to be expected. I would definitely recommend this hoodie for fall time, and maybe for the winter as well (just not in severely cold weather). Worth the price and the wait.

It feels great to wear!

I'm really happy with how this jacket turned out!! I live in the Philippines and it only took about a week to ship! It's really soft and the thumb holes it has are cool! I super reccomend it!

i love it but...

i love this hoodie dont get me wrong. its comfy and i love the game,but i have really bad OCD and the celeste mountain print right on the front of the hoodie is slanted and its driving me crazy, im trying to rub it off but every time i look at it i get so frustrated.
im giving it 3 stars ... i just wish it was straight..

Realy cool but...

When i first got it, i immediatly loved it. Looks good, realy comfy and Thumbholes!
But after about five days, the Zipper kind of broke. The Strawberry kind of fell of while wearing the Hoodie. Sadly i noticed this later so i could not find it anywhere. Now without the Strawberry Zipper pull thing, it is kind of hard too open the Zipper plus the Strawberry looked realy good...
I may have gotten unlucky with this, but still.
If that wouldn't have happend i would've gave it 5 Stars probably.

Sorry to hear your zipper pull escaped! We've gotten in touch to set you up with a replacement zipper pull charm.
Comfy and Relaxing!

I love the art style on the hoodie, so I immediately had to buy it. To my pleasant surprise, the hoodie was also very comfy and snug. I love all the details they added to this hoodie, from the strawberry zipper to the Breathe shoulder patch. This hoodie is worth every last penny. Thank you!