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Best CD I've bought in a long time!

It was really a great idea to buy this CD. I usually ends up not liking three to four tracks on every CD, but it' the only one I got that I love every tracks on it. Okay, maybe the rendition of Frog's theme, but that's okay. It's totally worth your money.

Do judge a CD by its cover!

I haven't bought a CD in a long time. Now a days you can have the latest tracks and albums at the push of a digital button. But I knew Fangamer wouldn't steer me wrong! This CD blew away my expectations! I looked up a few song on YouTube and they truly sold this album for me. It's hard to decide if this album is worth the cost just by its cover but if you love Chrono Trigger music like I do you will want this in your collection. The tracks are fluid and come together so well. It's one of the best remix albums I've ever bought, and I have a huge video game music collection. Great job Bad Dudes, and great find Fangamer!


by Bad Dudes


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The Bad Dudes' much-celebrated arrangement of the Chrono Trigger soundtrack returns!

This deluxe sleeve features a 6-page booklet, a 4-panel folded poster (with commentary and lyrics on the back), and unique art from half a dozen artists!

The album is 1 disc with 15 tracks (67 minutes of play time):

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