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by Bad Dudes


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The Bad Dudes' much-celebrated arrangement of the Chrono Trigger soundtrack returns!

This deluxe sleeve features a 6-page booklet, a 4-panel folded poster (with commentary and lyrics on the back), and unique art from half a dozen artists!

The album is 1 disc with 15 tracks (67 minutes of play time):

  1. CHRONOTORIOUS [Chrono Trigger]
  2. Castle Rock [Guardia Castle - Pride & Glory~]
  3. Rockin' on Heaven's Door [Corridor of Time]
  4. Dethfrog [Frog's Theme]
  5. Cave Girl [Ayla's Theme]
  6. B.A.M.F. [Magus Confronted]
  7. disodium guanylate [Derelict Factory]
  8. Watertite [Ocean Palace]
  9. Dream of Black [Black Omen]
  10. Bottomed Out [Depths of Night]
  11. Longing of the Wind [Yearnings of the Wind]
  12. Forced Enlightenment [Schala's Theme]
  13. Tyrannosaurus [Tyran Castle]
  14. Forest Steppin' [Secret of the Forest]
  15. The Bad Ending [Lavos' Theme]