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Very nicely made little figure

Really great figure, especially for the price! The figure itself is hefty and solid, and the detail is very good. The base is a bit light and hollow, but that is the least important part I think. The little details of having the armor dimpled, curved, and rusted really adds a lot and serves the character well :)) You can really see how well Caterinaian armor parries. Even his Sen's Fortress box is cute and creative and serves as a nice display.

A nice sized figure and well sculpted.

Dark Souls figures are often hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars. Not only is this affordable, but it's good looking too! I like it better than my Solaire Amiibo and Bloodborne Totaku (Playstation version of Amiibo). I plan on getting the other two figures now!

Pretty great, but flawed

Over all I really like the Siegmeyer I got. The paint and detail is fantastic, really clever box design with different clever display options. Mine did arrive well packaged, but damaged. The tip of the spike on Siegmeyers shield was bent and snapped. It doesn't seem like the actual blister packaging has enough room for it, which isn't... great design. The base feels cheap and hollow too, doesn't have a decent weight like an Amiibo or the totaku line even. Over all, it's really cool, but pretty pricey and not really well designed. Thankfully there's a lot of ways to display these, id definitely keep these in their box.

Love the Onion Man

Siegmeyer looks fantastic! The sculpt and paint are beautiful and i think if you're going to get any of these figures it should be him. The figure is mostly really sturdy, but be careful with the hilt of his sword. Mine came slightly bent and when i straightened it I ended up breaking it off. But, with a bit of glue it's totally fine. So just be careful with some of the thinner plastic.

Excellent sculpt and paint for the price

I ordered the combo set of these figures, and they are all well-sculpted and painted. They are of comparable size and quality to Amiibos.

This Siegmeyer figure is my favorite of the bunch; though the set is generally more of a comic book/cartoon style: Siegmeyer's sculpt and paint don't really reflect this much at all, and appear very game-accurate.

This figure also looks great displayed next to my Dark Souls 3 Yhorm statue, and appears roughly the right scale, too!
Overall this is an excellent figure for the price. The bases are a little cheesy, and generic but the figure more than makes-up for it.

Dark Souls: Heroes of Lordran - Siegmeyer Figurine

by Stefano Bernardi


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Dark Souls Figurines - Series 1 Combo

Mm! Oh-hoh! Forgive me. I was absorbed in thought.

This official Dark Souls Siegmeyer figurine is part of the Heroes of Lordran series, modeled by Stefano Bernardi. It stands about 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) tall. 

Dark Souls™ & ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc./©FromSoftware, Inc.

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