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hi !! i got it in the post yesterday i was SO HAPPY but then i saw his hat was kinda squished but its ok !!!! the plush is overall amazing and SO CUTE if u like deltarune you should totallyyy get it. but i think its kind of pricey because the shipping was for £20 where i live. but its STILL SO WORTH IT if you want it soooo bad.
thanks for reading

Definitely worth it!

Hi I bought this plush as a way to feel closer to my girlfriend who I can’t see because of the current current circumstances,, but I really love this plush he’s extremely soft and huggable I love cuddling up with ralsei and my other plushies in bed (I hope the other plushies don’t get jealous) I love ralsei even with his faults, he also arrived less than a week after I ordered him! So in conclusion I really love this plush and he was definitely worth the buy^^

So cute and soft!!

I ordered less than two weeks ago, fully expecting the shipping to take much longer. But here he is today!! He’s so soft and I loved the little case his glasses came in. His has was unfortunately a little smushed in shipping, but there isn’t really much you can do to prevent that. All in all, I love my Ralsei!! :)

So soft! So cute! Boop the snoot!

He arrived a day early and it was PERFECT. Later that evening we had a terrible thunderstorm, so you bet your backs (and your fronts) I was hugging little Ralsei!

He DEFINITELY looks as good (if not better) as the pictures above. Super good quality, worth every penny!
I was a little worried if his eyes would look out to the one side... they don't. It's a perspective thing. With his glasses on he gets a "follow-me-eyes" effect, so he almost always looks like he's looking at... well... you.

AND HIS SNOOT!!! SO TINY!!! SO CUTE!!! *Ahem*... His snoot is super tiny - smaller than I thought it'd be. But it's soooo cuuuute <3 He's gotten several snoot boops since he arrived ^w^ Can't help it it's just... the snoot must be booped! >w<

He came well packaged - his tiny lens-less glasses even had their own thick paper case with the Deltarune symbol on it ^_^ The only unfortunate thing was his hat being bent out of shape and very squished =( Can't do much about it. But y'know what? It's fine >w< Call me old schooled, but it just means it has personality ^w^

Very satisfied with Fangamer, their quality products and their excellent customer service ^_^

Here's a few pictures of the little rascal.

High Quality Plush

A very nice plush! I like its detachable accessories. Customer support was also very helpful when I had an issue.


Ralsei Plush



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I’m a prince, but… I, um, currently don’t have any subjects.

The Ralsei plush, designed by Jenna Post and prototyped by Eyes5, is now available for preorder! Ralsei is about 12 inches tall (with his hat!) when seated and comes with removable scarf, hat, and glasses.

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