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Awesome design, poor fit

The design on this shirt is really cool, but the fit of the shirt itself is not good. The shirt is too short and wide, like it's meant for Danny DeVito-esque bodies. Ended up giving my shirt to a friend. Just for comparison, Fangamer's Pure Vessel Hollow Knight shirt is a much better fitting shirt, despite saying it's the same model of shirt. Very confusing, at this point any time I order a shirt from Fangamer it's going to be a surprise if the shirt will fit well or not.

Sorry to hear the fit wasn't right for you! If you ever run into sizing issues, please feel free to contact us at so we can assist.
Real Darkworld hours

I love this shirt so much! The Mercy shirt was my favorite from the Undertale set, and seeing another’s one in the same style I sent so cool! I love how the artist but so much personality into all the characters, even Kris looks so similar to how a slightly more detailed Kris’s would look! And the bonus pin is ADORABLE. The artist’s interpretation of Raz is so nice to look at! Highly recommend to any fans!

Super nice shirt

It's wonderfully designed, well-printed, and super comfortable. What else do I need to say?


Wearing this shirt is greatly comfortable and there is no weight in the area where the design is printed, like any other graphic tee. This is a great design, and amazingly unexpected quality. This was the greatest thing I could have chosen for a first purchase from Fangamer!


This product is absolutely fantastic! The printing is perfect, and is nowhere near flaking, and I've had it for a good amount of time! My only con about it is that it doesn't have Jevil.


Chapter One

by Laura Verdin


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DELTARUNE Chapter One Combo
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Uhhh... kind of big for a closet, huh…?

This official DELTARUNE shirt was designed by Laura Verdin to echo her Mercy shirt. It’s printed by Forward on soft 100% cotton shirts from Canvas and District. Each one comes with a bonus button.

Unisex XS-4X Canvas 3001
Women's XS-4X District Made DM104L
Unisex 5X-6X Port & Company 61

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