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Feels like good karma

The design is awesome, and the shirt is of really high quality. Like, hot damn, it's so soft I don't even know.

Also every time I look at it I'm reminded that it helped pay for some kids being able to think more about being kids and less about being sick.

Desert Bus 5

by Jon Kay

Sold out!

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Wish List

The Desert Bus 5 shirt was offered between November 12, 2011 and November 25, 2011 and 100% of the profits went to Childs Play. We do not intend to reprint this shirt (for charity or otherwise).

Our friends at Desert Bus are getting ready to begin their grueling marathon, so we thought we'd help them out with a little Kay-style crest work. 100% of the profits from this shirt go to Child's Play, plus an additional 10% of whatever else is in your cart. So if you buy a shirt and an E-Mug, well donate all of the profits from this shirt plus $3.20 from the E-Mug!

Printed with waterbase inks on American Apparel's BB401 shirt (BB301 for the ladies), this incredibly soft print blends right into the shirt for that hey-check-out-this-vintage-sasparilla-shirt-I-just-found-on-Route-66 feel. Unisex 3X is printed on AA 2001 and women's 2X shirts are printed on AA 2102; 4X shirts will be printed on Anvil 420.

Of course, a shirt alone is not enough, so we've started making…plans. In Desert Bus, you drive a bus from Tucson to Vegas. Our office just happens to be located in Tucson, so we're thinking it might be time to show those Desert Bus goons how long it takes to drive a real bus across the desert…

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