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Nearly 4 years worth of hilarious, disturbing, touching, and weird videos compiled into a huge double-layer DVD!

  • EB Saga Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4, in all their high-res glory (revel in the bits of food and dirt you don’t see on YouTube!)
  • Audio commentary tracks for all chapters
  • Lots of miscellaneous Ubsey Movies shorts
  • ‘Making of CH 1-3’ and a separate ‘Making of CH 4’, including:
    • Interviews with the cast, crew, and completely uninvolved third parties!
    • Confrontations with rent-a-cops!
    • Deleted scenes and outtakes!
    • Expletive-filled bum fights!
    • A crappy mini-movie made right here in the Fangamer mailroom!

“That’s not enough,” you shout, spraying a fine mist of cheeto particles, “I demand satisfaction!” Well, friends, each DVD comes with a free 18”x24” poster, lovingly rolled (not folded!) and protected by a sturdy cardboard tube, so the obsessive collectors out there can breathe a sigh of relief — possibly re-inhaling that valuable cheeto dust!

(Note: The DVD is a burned dual-layer DVD-9 disc. It should work in most players, but older and more fickle players might have trouble with it.)

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