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Customer Reviews

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Shirt Sizing

In contrast to the reviews below, I got the v-neck in a size larger than usual (so I went from L to XL) because I'm familiar with Bella shirts and figured it would run small.

It was actually a bit too baggy on me, but is still incredibly comfortable and a choice uniform for subversively dominating the gaming media.

10/10 would order again -- but probably stick to the crew necks.


I previously wrote a 1-star review of this item because of how small the shirt seems to run. The customer service I received was outstanding so I wanted to come back and update my review to 5-star. But my 1-star review has disappeared. That's not cool, FanGamer. So my 4-star review is not strictly for the shirt. I think the negative reviews are just as useful to folks as the positive reviews and you should trust your audience to determine what's most important for them.

Sorry for the confusion! Reviews aren't published automatically, so there's often a delay between when a review is written and when it's visible on the site (both of your reviews are published now).

I was so excited to get this shirt! Imagine my surprise to find that my XL Women's crew neck shirt is the size of typical Women's medium. Why would you make a shirt about feminism and size it according to unrealistic standards? That seems to me to be the exact opposite of feminist!!! Terrible.

I am officially illuminati, thanks Fangamer!

This shirt is made of incredibly nice material. Now I may use my SJW powers in comfort!

(I was a little worried about whether my shirt would get to me, but everything turned out fine and Fangamer was incredibly quick to respond to my concerns. I'll definitely be ordering more stuff in the future. :D )

Sizing note

Note that the pink unisex v-neck fits almost a full size smaller than the black (and is also 50/50 rather than 100% cotton), despite them both being printed on Bella 3005.

Gaming's Feminist Illuminati

by Elizabeth Simins

Sold out!

"I heard they hack into save data and replace bullets with feelings!"

Available as a crew neck and v-neck, every GFI shirt comes with a 2" vinyl sticker and is printed with waterbase inks which blend right into the shirt for a soft, smooth feel.

Crew Neck: Black
Unisex XS-2X American Apparel BB401
Womens S-XL American Apparel BB301
Womens 2X - 4X Port & Company LPC 54
Unisex 3X-5X Gildan 8000

Crew Neck: Pink
Unisex XS-2X American Apparel 2001
Womens S-2X American Apparel 2102
Womens 3X-4X Port & Company LPC 54
Unisex 3X-5X Gildan 2000
Unisex 6X Port & Company 61

V-Neck: Black
Unisex XS-2X Bella 3005
Womens XS-4X District DM1170L

V-Neck: Pink
Unisex S-2X Bella 3005
Womens XS-4X District DM1170L

Designed by Elizabeth Simins and printed by the shadowy figures at Forward Printing in California.


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