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Customer Reviews

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High quality!

Great plushie it was worth every cent. thank you fangamer for this new friend and thank you Nomada studios for creating such a beautiful game :)

Calming little friend.

He is just as absolutely adorable as pictured. He is super soft, very silky minky feel to the material. The memory foam head was a great choice. I squeeze him(gently) when I'm feeling anxious and its soothing. He has been sitting with me while I game and I like looking over at his cute little face while I play. Even if you've never played Gris, I still recommend buying this little friend.


I love this plush so much. The head is structured, so I was expecting it to have a less pleasant texture. But because it is memory foam and the fabric is so soft, it feels like hugging a cloud. The only negative is that the arms, legs, and leaves are very rough. They are bendable, which is nice, but I still feel there is a softer material that could have been used while maintaining this feature. Ultimately that's such a small gripe though. All of the other details in the embroidery and texture make this adorable guy well worth it.

This is great!

I got this for my sister (almost got it for myself tbh) and she loves it! The fabric is super soft and the arms and leaves on the head are bendable. I absolutely suggest this plushy for anyone who likes this game (or anyone who just likes the design tbh).

So Cute

Very soft and looks just like the photo. Legs, arms and branches are bendable, so you can position him how you like. The one thing that I disagree with is the placement of the tag. It covers his right eye and I like to keep my tags on my collectibles, so that was a bit of a bummer. Should have been placed higher or on the side of the plush.


Forest Friend Plush

by Jon Kay


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A couple of apples can go a long way.

This official Gris plush was designed by Jon Kay. About 7 inches tall when seated, it features a memory-foam head and embroidered details.

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