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I was impressed by the size of the hardcover book - expected it to be smaller.
It contains a small piece of text dedicated to the game developers and their roles and mainly includes sketches of the areas and characters encountered in the game.
A few illustrations look like they're in jpg format, but most are of decent quality. This book also has literally sprite-by-sprite animations printed for some of the notable game characters.

Interesting how these little things together form such an amazing atmosphere in the actual game.


Such an amazing visual for fans that love the art in the game. When I play HLD it never fails to awe me with its art style, so this art book was definitely worth it. If you want to see different conepts and more from the game, I definitely recommend you to buy it. Super worth it if you love the game


Very much an art book and less about game development (which is fine by me! Just in case you were looking for more of a "making-of"). The forward from the developer was lovely; Alex Preston gives really nice credit and admiration for the rest of the team. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing initial sketches versus final product. There's even a section at the end that includes fan art - which I thought was a really nice touch! Like many people, I was drawn to HLD for it's stunning visuals (and stayed for the really fun and at times unforgiving gameplay), and if you were too, this is a great buy. (Speaking as a graphic designer, also very nice layout to the book, if you dig that sorta thing.)


A beautiful book chock-full of amazing art! I'd highly recommend this to any HLD fan!

The Art of Hyper Light Drifter

by Fangamer

$35 - $42

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Experience the art and uncover the origins of a beautiful, vast and ruined world with this official Hyper Light Drifter art book from Heart Machine. 

This hardcover book features a foreword from Alx Preston and 220 pages of sketches, sprites, notes, and finished art from the years-long process that brought the Drifter to life.

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