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Hypnospace Outlaw


by Teenage Stepdad

Sold out!

Product Description

Coolfest '99 is the first OFFICIAL COOLPUNK music festival! If you're a COOLPUNK, you NEED to be there.

Hypnospace Outlaw's Coolfest '99 is here! - Your favorite artists like Chowder Man and FRE3ZER are captured on this nostalgic t-shirt designed by artist Teenage Stepdad. Each shirt also comes with a bonus sticker

"Chill it right, capish?"

Unisex S-2X Canvas 3001
Unisex 3X-6X Port & Company 61
Icon of hand touching soft garment This design was screen-printed here in Tucson by our partners at Forward Printing, who worked closely with our artists to dial in the perfect ink colors, size, and placement to ensure a vibrant, long-lasting print.