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Kingdom: New Lands Vinyl Soundtrack

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Product Description

Pick up the soundtracks to Kingdom and Kingdom: New Lands on this beautiful 2-LP soundtrack, featuring the music of Amos Roddy and album art from Kelly Smith. 

Pick up the soundtrack on vinyl and you'll get a free digital download code for the Kingdom and Kingdom: New Lands soundtracks, available in 320kbps MP3, FLAC, WAV, or AIFF. 

Side A Side C
1. Bloom
2. Aurora
3. Spire
4. Fallow
5. The Bottom
6. Opal
7. The Flats
8. Andromeda
9. Glow
19. Hollow
20. Still
21. Vigil
22. First Light
23. Blight
24. Azurite
25. The Tunnel Through
26. Rest
Side B Side D (New Lands)

10. Wake
11. Daydream
12. Prism
13. The Wings March
14. Meadow
15. Pith
16. Together
17. Such Is Time
18. Talisman

27. Snow Light
28. Clover
29. Autumn
30. Strange Afternoon
31. Cloud Thoughts
32. Solace
33. The Firefly Tree
34. Morning Stretch
35. Resonant
36. Goodbye Glass