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Mega Man Legends 2 Vinyl Soundtrack

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Product Description

This product cannot ship to South America or Asia.

The Mega Man Legends 2 soundtrack is available for the first time on vinyl, thanks to Ship to Shore PhonoCo. and Capcom! This 43-track collection is pressed on Servbot-inspired translucent vinyl, a Fangamer exclusive! 

Featuring liner notes from Jeremy Parish as well as beautiful new art from mushbuh that matches Ship to Shore's Mega Man Legends vinyl

Side A Side C
1. Title 22. Ruminoa City
2. Flutter 23. Ruminoa City (Protect the Entrance)
3. Yosyonke City 24. Guild Ruins
4. Yosyonke City (Junk Shop) 25. Ruminoa City (VS King Glydon)
5. Calinca Tundra 26. Nino Ruins
6. Yosyonke Abandoned Mine 27. Nino Ruins (VS Klaymoor)
7. Yosyonke City (Gallery) 28. Oasis
8. Calinca Ruins 29. Kimotoma Caverns
9. Calinca Ruins (VS Rimblemenji) 30. Kimotoma City (VS Blitzkrieg)
10. Icefield 31. Kimotoma City
11. Sulphur-Bottom (Guest Deck, Crew Deck) 32. Saul Kada Ruins
33. Saul Kada Ruins (VS Gustaff)
Side B Side D
12. Pokte Plains 34. Sulphur-Bottom (Geetz)
13. Pokte Village 35. Sulphur-Bottom (VS Geetz)
14. Manda Ruins 36. Defense Area
15. Manda Ruins (VS Bola) 37. Residential Area
16. Calbania Plains 1 38. Mother Zone
17. Kito Village 39. Mother Zone (VS Sera First Form)
18. Calbania Plains 2 40. Mother Zone (VS Sera Second Form)
19. Glyde's Base (Front of Base) 41. Staff Roll (US-EU Version)
20. Glyde's Base 42. Epilogue
21. Kito Caverns 43. Game Over