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Lit poster

This poster is hot and fresh like a bun from the oven

The first poster I've bought in my life

As you see in the title, this is the first poster I've paid in my life. I so love it! The design, although it doesn't have a wide range of palette of colors, it's awesome. It's incredible the quality of the poster itself and of the packaging of Fangamer.
To see the blacklight of the poser, you will need to buy an UV flashlight (I did it haha).
I've also bought a Nex Machina T-shirt ( designed by the same designer Nina Matsumoto and I am also really happy with it. I love her artistic style.

Crypt of the NecroDancer Blacklight Poster

by Nina Matsumoto

Sold out!

It's easy to do the Monster Mosh! Just lock into each enemy's groove while exploring a dimly lit dungeon, or else you'll die and lose all your stuff.

Maybe easy's the wrong word. This beautiful screenprint of Nina Matsumoto's official Crypt of the NecroDancer t-shirt design measures 18x24 inches and was printed with blacklight inks. 

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