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Based on 9 reviews
Sooo comfortable!

It just arrived and I immediately fell in love. It isn't thick, as some reviews point out, but the inside is very soft and it works moderately well for staying warm; especially in warmer climates! If anything, it being thin just makes it better to sleep in.

UV reactive

Just got it delivered today and I absolutely love it! The shipping cost could have been much lower but it didn't bother me too much. The images react well to UV lights & if your a plus-sized dude, go for the unisex 2XL size to make space wearing a shirt underneath.

I love this

I love this hoodie so much. I was waiting for it for long and when I touched it I understood it was great. The details and the woven is great, it's soft and warm

Literally my favorite jacket

The details are clear and beautiful (especially the back design), the size is great (a little baggy at medium, as I'd hoped), and the zipper is so cool! I love everything about this hoodie, not the thickest but still nice (especially for fall/over another jacket). World machine is my favorite character and I can't wait to wear this with my cosplay.

Great design but very disappointed with the quality especially given the price point

I really love the design of the jacket, it's really cool and looks better than any other I own so far. It arrived really fast within 3 days and I was really impressed too given the time! However that is when my happiness and satisfaction soon resides to disappointment. The quality is poor, especially offered at this price point. It feels like someone got a bunch of cheap clearance jackets and printed on them given how thin they are. Even out of the packaging I could see a few short loose threads, which shows how cheaply they were made. I'm really disappointed, this hoodie should have not been worth $59. The design is amazing and love it for how creative it is but in terms of quality, it's an all time low.


World Machine Hoodie

by Nightmargin

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It was never meant to develop a mind of its own.

This official OneShot hoodie was designed by Nightmargin. It's printed in four locations by Forward on a slim-fit AFX4000Z hoodie from Independent Trading Company and includes a custom-minted zipper pull.

Unisex XS-3X Independent AFX4000Z
Unisex 4X-6X Independent IND4000Z

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