Have you ever seen a green baby? No! That’s why you want your babies in ORANGE. It shows they eat a lot of carrots.  These healthy, orange babies are set off by an even healthier gray. 

The men's shirt is on a solid gray (100% cotton) and the women's shirt is more of a heather gray, named after the woman who invented the color gray (52% cotton, 48% poly, 300% AMAZING). 

The lady shirts are running very small and I’m told you should order them TWO sizes bigger than you normally do, ladies. Sounds crazy, but that’s what they are telling me.

Men's shirt size chart

Women's shirt size chart

This design was screen-printed here in Tucson by our partners at Forward Printing, who worked closely with our artists to dial in the perfect ink colors, size, and placement to ensure a vibrant, long-lasting print.