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by Saori Kobayashi

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Relive the epic world of Panzer Dragoon Saga through these 20 songs from the game's soundtrack, all of which have been rearranged by the original composer, Saori Kobayashi. 

Joining Kobayashi is Eri Ito, one of the original vocalists for the game. She lends her powerful and dramatic vocals to two songs. Five tracks are backed by the Washington D.C.-based video game music band, Triforce Quartet, with three songs featuring the backing of Boston-based flutist Maho Azuma.

Resurrection: Panzer Dragoon Saga 20th Anniversary Arrangement is available on CD digipak and 2-LP double gatefold vinyl. Each edition features dual covers with the English title on one side and the Japanese on the other, each designed by Cory Schmitz.

The booklet contains archival artwork, staff photography, and reflective essays by James Mielke of Tigertron, as well as liner notes by Eri Ito, Panzer Dragoon Saga Director Yukio Futatsugi, Panzer Dragoon Orta Director Akihiro Mukaiyama, and others.

Each copy also includes a digital download code that will be e-mailed to you after purchase.


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