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Ruby Dagger Zine

by Daniel Bressette

$4.00 USD
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You can also get this zine as part of a combo with the Ruby Dagger album!

The Ruby Dagger Zine was an art project commissioned by Starship Amazing after Daniel Bressette did an awesome job on the cover of the Ruby Dagger album. Each piece is based on Daniel's take on the titles of each track on the album:

  1. Funky Boy in Robo World
  2. Born Radical
  3. Stained in Lavender Blood
  4. Punk Gangs of our Glistening Dreamscape
  5. Suddenly Lifted
  6. Cyberfreak Burnouts
  7. Any Ghost That Would Bother Us
  8. The Bone King has Taken Control
  9. Crystal Gods