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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love it!

This shirt is so good! Though, had the worst day when I wore it the first day. I just have terrible luck. Other days I wear it, the shirt is awesome! Plus, I LOVE slime rancher is the best game and this shows my love for it!


this is amazing because the honey slimes are my favorite and every time I look for slime rancher series with honey slimes nothing pops up. its also very cute and based off slime rancher, money well spent.

Oh honey!

I was super excited for my order to come in, and very happy with my purchases!

Super comfy and super CUTE! I love bees, so honey slimes are naturally my favourite (that and they're just so cute). It's a lovely sort of light honey colour, think of the honey Pooh Bear would eat (or the colour of him himself). And it came with a free matching button, which is super nice of fangamer to do. After conversion rates my whole order was not cheap, so I appreciate that. Great initiative like that really speaks wonders about the company.

The shirt looks bigger than it is when lying flat, so don't let that deceive you when you get it in; it fits really well. It's a bit on the longer side, so I'd recommend a french tuck for people like me who are short in the leg (otherwise it makes your torso look suuuuper long!) This is for the unisex T-shirt.

Just Wow

First off, the shirt is absolutely adorable, but we know that when we buy it don't we?
This is my first purchase from this site and I can already tell they go above and beyond for their customers. The shirt is great quality and will surely last longer than what I usually find in stores. The sizing is what it should be, no worry about having to return products about sizing issues here. The material Is comfortable and (I got the womens) not sheer, which is a massive relief!
The honey slime button that came with the shirt is a pin, and larger than I thought it would be (was expecting a tiny little thing) which is a good thing! Its a nice, typical button pin lol. Nothing bad to say about it, so cute!

Slime Rancher

Bee Tricks

by Nina Matsumoto

Sold out!

Keep track of your honey slimes—or else the other slimes will keep track for you. 

This official Slime Rancher shirt was designed by Nina Matsumoto. Forward Printing's soft inks ensure that the giant print leaves these 100% cotton shirt from Canvas and District as soft as it found them. Each one comes with a bonus honey slime button

Unisex XS-4X Canvas 3001
Women's XS-4X District Made DM104L
Unisex 5X-6X Port & Company 61

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