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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely gorgeous

Got my vinyl recently and it is really the only record I have been listening to. Honestly though, I don't think I would be as interested as I was if it weren't for the beautiful records and album art. That is probably what confirmed my buy. The actual disks are beautiful and there was clearly a lot of detail put into the album art itself. Just love the way the smiles glisten in correct lighting. But all in all, great soundtrack, sound quality, and attention to detail. Definitely recommended.

Home on the Range.

The records are near perfect. Obviously records will not be perfect, you kinda have to appreciate the human touch in them.

The entire Tar record is perfect, the Slime record has a few skips, but nothing too dramatic to take me away from the sounds of Slime Rancher.

The packaging is literally eye candy and the colors pop very well, even the records themselves are very attractive.

Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Beautiful vinyls and great quality

This vinyl is absolutely perfect for any Slime Rancher fan. The vinyls themself look amazing and are such high quality. The sound was perfect as well! Definitely recommend

Best Soundtrack Around

As a huge fan of this games music, I knew I had to buy this. It came very quick and it presents itself nicely. I love the cover art and the inside, beautifully done. The vinyl records (especially the Tarr one) look very good when spinning on the turntable. Everything is greatly done, execept one issue with the tarr record. The tarr record was very warped and the songs played were wonky, especially on side D. Other than that these vinyls are great and I recommend them to any big fan of slime rancher.

Gorgeous vinyl, gorgeous sound

They look so cute spinning around on the turntable. The sound is nice and warm. It's great to hear these songs clearly without any slime-sucking-up sounds at the forefront. Love the packaging and love finding cute little special touches every time I see it.

Slime Rancher Vinyl Soundtrack

by Harry Mack

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Play the Slime Rancher soundtrack on a medium as colorful as the Far Far Range.

This 2LP set contains 25 tracks from Harry Mack's original soundtrack and features original art by Aimee Cairns. Each one is pressed on Pink (translucent pink) and Tarr (translucent purple with splatter) vinyl records. Plus, buy the vinyl and you'll get a 320kbps MP3 digital download right away!

Pink Slime A Tarr Slime C
1. Dry Reef - Theme
2. Ranch - Theme
3. Indigo Quarry - Theme
4. Moss Blanket - Theme
5. Glass Desert - Theme
12. Let’s Go, Beatrix!
13. Those Awful Ravenous Rainbows
14. Desert - Heating Up
15. She’s On Fire!
16. Radio - Elevator Shimmy
17. Ancient Ruins - Theme
18. Glass Desert - Relaxed
Pink Slime B Tarr Slime D
6. Dry Reef - Night
7. Slime Sea - Moonlit Calm
8. Indigo Quarry - Night
9. Moss Blanket - Night
10. Ancient Ruins - Night
11. Glass Desert - Night
19. Ranch - Night
20. Radio - Good Morning
21. Slime Sea - Sunlit Waves
22. Radio - Jazzy
23. Radio - Romantic
24. Ranch - Wistful
25. 1,000 Light Years Away
(1,000 Light Years Away by Chelsea Lee Greenwood, Nick Popovich & Matty Green.)

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