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Snow Wood Hoodie

by Jon Kay

$46.00 USD

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Ahh, Winters. Idyllic frozen landscape filled with pine trees, psychotic goats, and the demolition-minded nerds of Snow Wood Boarding School.

This classic academic crest design is printed on high-quality ITC fleece featuring:

  • Heavyweight and lightweight options
  • Front and back plastisol prints by our friends at Forward Printing
  • Custom-minted "Good Key" zipper pull
  • Blue Marble tag attached to the bottom hem

Note: The unisex heavyweight jackets are pretty roomy, whereas the unisex lightweight jackets have a more snug fit. Check out our sizing page for more information! Lightweight Teal Hoodies 4X and up use this sizing chart instead.

Also, these jackets are made of mostly cotton and therefore prone to shrink. Be sure to wash in warm water and dry with low heat!