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SO, HYPED for this shirt.

It catches Bratty and Catty as characters very well, and comes with a little Burgerpants pin. Great shirt!

Like, it’s SO cool

I originally picked up this shirt because it was on sale, but after seeing it in person I know it was worth way more than it’s current amount. Just all the little details, like Mettaton, the Empty Gun, etc, really make this shirt stand out. Just wondering though, why does BurgerPants’s hat have a W instead on an M on the pin? Not that it matters, since it’s so minuscule.


When it came into the mail, I was so excited to open it! And once I did, it looked so cute and bubbly. The shirt is great material and looks absolutely amazing!

Apocalyptic Comfort

Never before has the end of humanity been so... STYLISH

Even more amazing than expected!

At first, I was scared the design would look childish on me. But actually, it looked really great when I put it on!

I think even people who haven't played Undertale or forgot about Bratty and Catty will see that there is something special about this t-shirt. Maybe it's the colours, or maybe just the printing quality. IDK, but I think it definitely would NOT look silly. Instead, it stands out as happy and easy-going in a really cool way!

I got this t-shirt during a sale (which is still ongoing as I am writing) where the price was lowered from $24 to $5.
That's unbelievably good pricing.

I purchased this t-shirt only because it was on sale, but now that I received it, I realised it would have been worth it to pay full price!


So Hyped

by Leigh Davis


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 Hey, check it out! Yeah, check it out!
The shirts in here are like... Totally wicked boring!
But, like, THESE shirts... are SUPER cute!

Our best friends for-EVER at Forward Printing printed this Ashley Davis design on soft, 100% cotton shirts from District. Each one comes with a 1" bonus button.

Unisex S-2X District Threads DT6000
Women's XS-4XL District Made DM104L
Unisex 3X-6X Port & Company 61

This shirt features our new favorite women's garments, from District Made—they use women's sizes, not junior's, so if you're used to American Apparel check out their sizing chart (US) (metric) for more information.

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